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The Physio Bunker offers exceptional physiotherapy services to the Sunshine Coast Region. We pride ourselves on providing a comprehensive, holistic and individualised experience to all our clients. Our services are offered in our clinic or in your home!

Low section of sportswoman suffering from knee pain while sitting on track during sunny da
Image by Sander Sammy

Sports Injuries & Sports Physiotherapy

Sports specific physiotherapy, aimed at ensuring you return to sport at optimal strength and function.

Back & Neck Pain

We assess your pain objectively, comprehensively and look to address the cause of your pain, rather than just the symptoms. 

Headaches, Vertigo & Concussion

Physiotherapy for these issues involve assessment and treatment of specific areas and symptoms. We can help!

Image by Alora Griffiths

Injury Prevention Programs

After utilising our thorough set of objective assessment tools, we develop a sports specific program for you to reduce your risk of injury.

Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy

Pre & Post Natal Physiotherapy ensures you are prepared for and recover fully after your birth experience.


(Registered Provider)

We help our NDIS participants achieve their goals - whether in our clinic or at home. We go above and beyond to help you.

Physical Therapy Session
Walking Aid
Child Physiotherapy

Work Cover & DVA

Benefit from exceptional rehabilitation services and facilities for your DVA claim or Return to Work journey. 

Home Visits

Yes, we do home visits! Call our staff to book a physiotherapy appointment at home on the Sunshine Coast. 

Dry Needling & Taping

Take advantage of some of our extra skills to help you along on your rehab journey. 

Physical Therapy Exercise
Image by Conscious Design
On the Treadmill

Neurological Rehab

Physiotherapy for conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injury, cerebral palsy and similar conditions. 

Lymphoedema Management

We have completed extra study to be able to offer effective lymphoedema massage and exercise.

Running Assessments

Problems when running? We look at your running biomechanics to see if this may be contributing to your problem.

Image by Arlington Research

Corporate Wellness

We provide your workplace with our services based off the needs of your organisation. Get in touch to find out how we can help. 

Book Online or Call Us!

You can book your physiotherapy appointments online any time you want. Just click below and you'll be booked in to see one of the PB Team quicker than you can pull a hammy!

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